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KS3 Science : Curriculum Opportunities

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4. Curriculum opportunities

During the key stage pupils should be offered the following opportunities that are integral to their learning and enhance their engagement with the concepts, processes and content of the subject.
The curriculum should provide opportunities for pupils to:
  • research, experiment, discuss and develop arguments
  • pursue an independent enquiry into an aspect of science of personal interest
  • use real-life examples as a basis for finding out about science
  • study science in local, national and global contexts, and appreciate the connections between these
  • experience science outside the school environment, including in the workplace, where possible
  • use creativity and innovation in science, and appreciate their importance in enterprise
  • recognise the importance of sustainability in scientific and technological developments
  • explore contemporary and historical scientific developments and how they have been communicated
  • prepare to specialise in a range of science subjects at key stage 4 and consider career opportunities both within science and in other areas that are provided by science qualifications
  • consider how knowledge and understanding of science informs personal and collective decisions, including those on substance abuse and sexual health
  • make links between science and other subjects and areas of the curriculum.

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