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KS3 RE : Key Concepts

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1. Key concepts

There are a number of key concepts that underpin the study of RE. Pupils need to understand these concepts in order to deepen and broaden their knowledge, skills and understanding.

1.1 Beliefs, teachings and sources

  • Interpreting teachings, sources, authorities and ways of life in order to understand religions and beliefs.
  • Understanding and responding critically to beliefs and attitudes.

1.2 Practices and ways of life

  • Exploring the impact of religions and beliefs on how people live their lives.
  • Understanding that religious practices are diverse, change over time and are influenced by cultures.

1.3 Expressing meaning

  • Appreciating that individuals and cultures express their beliefs and values through many different forms.

1.4 Identity, diversity and belonging

  • Understanding how individuals develop a sense of identity and belonging through faith or belief.
  • Exploring the variety, difference and relationships that exist within and between religions, values and beliefs.

1.5 Meaning, purpose and truth

  • Exploring some of the ultimate questions that confront humanity, and responding imaginatively to them.

1.6 Values and commitments

  • Understanding how moral values and a sense of obligation can come from beliefs and experience.
  • Evaluating their own and others’ values in order to make informed, rational and imaginative choices.

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