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KS3 RE : Key Processes

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2. Key processes

These are the essential skills and processes in RE that pupils need to learn to make progress.

2.1 Learning about religion

Pupils should be able to:
  • investigate the impact of religious beliefs and teachings on individuals, communities and societies, the reasons for commitment and the causes of diversity
  • apply a wide range of religious and philosophical vocabulary consistently and accurately, recognising both the power and limitations of language in expressing religious ideas and beliefs
  • explain religious beliefs, practices and commitments, including their transmission by people, texts and traditions
  • evaluate how religious beliefs and teachings inform answers to ultimate questions and ethical issues
  • interpret a range of sources, texts, authorities, and forms of religious and spiritual expression from a variety of contexts
  • analyse religious beliefs, arguments and ideas.

2.2 Learning from religion

Pupils should be able to:
  • reflect on the relationship between beliefs, teachings, world issues and ultimate questions
  • evaluate beliefs, commitments and the impact of religion in the contemporary world
  • express insights into the significance and value of religion and other world views for human relationships personally, locally and globally
  • express their own beliefs and ideas, using a variety of forms of expression, including creative forms and reasoned arguments.

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