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KS3 DT : Curriculum Opportunities

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4. Curriculum opportunities

During the key stage pupils should be offered the following opportunities that are integral to their learning and enhance their engagement with the concepts, processes and content of the subject.
In ways appropriate to the product area, the curriculum should provide opportunities for pupils to:
  • analyse  products to learn how they function
  • undertake focused tasks that develop knowledge, skills and understanding in relation to design and make assignments
  • engage in design and make assignments in different and progressively more complex contexts, including for purposes and uses beyond the classroom
  • work individually and in teams, taking on different roles and responsibilities
  • work with designers and makers where possible to develop an understanding of the product design process
  • use ICT as appropriate for image capture and generation; data acquisition, capture and handling; controlling; and product realisation
  • make links between design and technology and other subjects and areas of the curriculum.

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