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KS3 Geography : Key Concepts

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1. Key concepts

There are a number of key concepts that underpin the study of geography. Pupils need to understand these concepts in order to deepen and broaden their knowledge, skills and understanding.
1.1 Place
  • Understanding the physical and human characteristics of real places.
  • Developing ‘geographical imaginations’ of places.
1.2 Space
  • Understanding the interactions between places and the networks created by flows of information, people and goods.
  • Knowing where places and landscapes are located, why they are there, the patterns and distributions they create, how and why these are changing and the implications for people.
1.3 Scale
  • Appreciating different scales – from personal and local to national, international and global.
  • Making links between scales to develop understanding of geographical ideas.
1.4 Interdependence
  • Exploring the social, economic, environmental and political connections between places.
  • Understanding the significance of interdependence in change, at all scales.
1.5 Physical and human processes
  • Understanding how sequences of events and activities in the physical and human worlds lead to change in places, landscapes and societies.
1.6 Environmental interaction and sustainable development
  • Understanding that the physical and human dimensions of the environment are interrelated and together influence environmental change.
  • Exploring sustainable development and its impact on environmental interaction and climate change.
1.7 Cultural understanding and diversity
  • Appreciating the differences and similarities between people, places, environments and cultures to inform their understanding of societies and economies.
  • Appreciating how people’s values and attitudes differ and may influence social, environmental, economic and political issues, and developing their own values and attitudes about such issues.

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