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KS3 Geography : Key Processes

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2. Key processes

These are the essential skills and processes in geography that pupils need to learn to make progress.
2.1 Geographical enquiry
Pupils should be able to:
  • ask geographical questions, thinking critically, constructively and creatively
  • collect, record and display information
  • identify bias, opinion and abuse of evidence in sources when investigating issues
  • analyse and evaluate evidence, presenting findings to draw and justify conclusions
  • find creative ways of using and applying geographical skills and understanding to create new interpretations of place and space
  • plan geographical enquiries, suggesting appropriate sequences of investigation
  • solve problems and make decisions to develop analytical skills and creative thinking about geographical issues.
2.2 Fieldwork and out-of-class learning
Pupils should be able to:
  • select and use fieldwork tools and techniques appropriately, safely and efficiently.
2.3 Graphicacy and visual literacy
Pupils should be able to:
  • use atlases, globes, maps at a range of scales, photographs, satellite images and other geographical data
  • construct maps and plans at a variety of scales, using graphical techniques to present evidence.
2.4 Geographical communication
Pupils should be able to:
  • communicate their knowledge and understanding using geographical vocabulary and conventions in both speech and writing.

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