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KS3 Geography : Range and Content

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3. Range and content

This section outlines the breadth of the subject on which teachers should draw when teaching the key concepts and key processes.
The study of geography should include:
  • a variety of scales, from personal, local, regional, national, international and continental, to global
  • a range of investigations, focusing on places, themes or issues
  • the location of places and environments
  • key aspects of the UK, including its changing human and physical geography, current issues and its place in the world today
  • different parts of the world in their wider settings and contexts, including the European Union and regions or countries in different states of development
  • physical geography, physical processes and natural landscapes
  • human geography, built and managed environments and human processes
  • interactions between people and their environments, including causes and consequences of these interactions, and how to plan for and manage their future impact.

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