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KS3 Geography : Curriculum Opportunities

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4. Curriculum opportunities

During the key stage pupils should be offered the following opportunities that are integral to their learning and enhance their engagement with the concepts, processes and content of the subject.
The curriculum should provide opportunities for pupils to:
  • build on and expand their personal experiences of geography
  • explore real and relevant contemporary contexts
  • use a range of approaches to enquiries
  • use varied resources, including maps, visual media and geographical information systems
  • undertake fieldwork investigations in different locations outside the classroom, individually and as part of a team
  • participate in informed responsible action in relation to geographical issues that affect them and those around them
  • examine geographical issues in the news
  • investigate important issues of relevance to the UK and globally using a range of skills, including ICT
  • make links between geography and other subjects, including citizenship and ICT, and areas of the curriculum including sustainability and global dimension.

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