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Bradon Forest School Case study
MFL attainment in Keystage 3 has risen over the past three years. Students have the opportunity now to access audio files showcasing different levels for speaking tests. As a result students are well prepared and understand exactly what a they need to do for their speaking assessments. Written work has been improved by collaborative projects, enabling students to learn the skill of redrafting their own and other students' work.
In Keystage 4 the MFL team noticed that the speaking exam results were not as good as other skills and produced audio files of staff asking all of the speaking exam questions. In addition the German foreign language assistant was videod playing the role of a student taking their speaking exam. Again this has shown students exactly what is required of them under exam condition. Listening material has also been uploaded with a bank of self-assessment materials in French for independent study.
Often parents will comment that they cannot help their child prepare for MFL exams and with the Learning Platform there are now a wide range of materials to assist students prepare fully for assessments and exams in different skill areas.
Mrs J Hunter Head of MFL

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