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Ofsted Reports: Academic Year 2009-2010 
(specifically about UniServity learning platform use by schools)

  • 95% of students across Key Stage 3 achieving an additional grade higher than predicted.
  • The school has developed its own VLE using a flexible and user friendly commercial package. Although the school made a conscious decision to develop the use of the VLE over a two year period, the benefits are already evident. Ofsted, 2009

  • Work has become even more purposeful for pupils because they know it will be displayed on the VLE. Ofsted, 2009
  • Doubling the rate of progression for Key Stage 2 boys in writing.
  • Pupils log on to the school’s VLE to do their homework and practice important skills. The school is very good at preparing children for their future, both in the use of IT and promoting independent thinking. Ofsted, 2010
  • The VLE has been extremely well designed and is very user friendly.
  • Ofsted, 2009

  • An Outstanding Learning Platform, Ofsted, 2009
  • Enlivens lessons and encourages active participation. Ofsted, 2010
  • Halving of a Whole-School Summer Learning Loss.
  • Boys who were previously less enthusiastic about undertaking writing activities have been keen to write if they can use the VLE and show their work to others. Ofsted, 2009
  • The school values its good links with parents, using its online learning environment to support their child’s learning. Ofsted, 2010
  • The informed use of the VLE is facilitating cross-curricular links. Ofsted, 2009
  • The VLE enables parents to view their child’s work remotely. Pupils are eager for their parents to see their work and this is contributing to raising their self-esteem and confidence. Ofsted, 2009
  • Pupils are beginning to develop their e-portfolios as a way of keeping an electronic record of their accomplishments. Ofsted, 2009

  • Teachers are able to use the VLE to provide work which is more specifically tailored to the different needs and abilities of pupils. Ofsted, 2009
  • The VLE is contributing extremely well to the school’s efforts to develop a closer working partnership with parents to further support children’s learning. Ofsted, 2009
  • Teachers have provided good demonstration lessons to pupils about how to use the VLE and this has enabled pupils to work with increasing independence. This provides good opportunities for pupils to work indepdently while developing and applying a range of skills, particularly in ICT, English & Mathematics. Pupils use blogs as a means of producing diary entries, and they also use shared forums to contribute and share opinions and ideas. Ofsted, 2009


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