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Developing Quality Learning

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This wiki contains suggestions for developing the quality of learning using some of the Teaching & Learning tools within the UniServity learning platform.


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Students post simple statements about their learning, focusing mainly on the activities that they have carried out.

“Today I have been learning about Bloom's Taxonomy which structures higher order thinking skills.  I took part in a discussion about the different stages, and produced a table showing what I have know".


Students post statements about their learning experiences, with an increased focus upon their learning rather than activity participation.

“Today I have learned how to use Bloom's taxonomy. I now understand the difference between each of the stages and I am able to identify which stage I am at for a piece of work".


Students seek further clarification from statements that they have made about their learning, and invite specific individuals to comment upon their entries in order to gain this clarity.

"Today I have learned how to use Bloom's taxonomy, and I understand the stages, but I am finding it difficult to find ways of teaching my students the Application stage. Please could Ben add some suggestions to my blog to help me?"


Students both seek clarity by inviting responses  from others in their own blogs, and also respond to the clarification requests in the blogs of other learners.

"My learning about Bloom's Taxonomy has helped me to think in more depth about the impact of potatoes on farming. I have been able to ask challenging questions in Fred's blog, which I have then read the responses to to help me learn more, and Mary has been asking me some challenging questions to develop my thinking".


Students respond to requests in both their own and others blogs by seeking rationale behind the requests.

"My learning about Bloom's Taxonomy has helped my understanding about the impact of potatoes on farming because I have been challenged to think carefully about each aspect of potato growth and the corresponding changes to farming methods that have been adopted".


Students clarify the relationship between their chosen subject matter and larger scale issues.

“By using Bloom's Taxonomy when learning about the impact of potatoes on farming, I have been.


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