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Developing Quality Learning

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This wiki contains suggestions for developing the quality of learning using some of the Teaching & Learning tools within the UniServity learning platform.


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 Eportfolio homepage


Students post simple information statements about their learning.


Students create links from simple information statements about their learning thus forming early steps in meaningful student-led experience recording.


Students create links to a wide range of learning resources which are in their My Resources folder and class areas. These might include work examples and learning journal blogs.


Students evidence their achievements through links to pieces of current and past work in their My Resources and class or project areas. Students also use their eportfolio homepage as a space to link to current and future learning through learning journal blogs, IEPs/ILPs and targets. 


Students co-construct their learning experiences with other students by using the User Directory to link to tother students eportfolios in order to share recommended resources, experiences and to begin co-construction of learning outcomes and collaboration during learning experiences.


Students access a range of learners eportfolio homepages dependent on what their learning needs are and who is most appropriate to guide, aid, scaffold and support their learning experiences through the social interaction and sharing of resources.


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