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Developing Quality Learning

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This wiki contains suggestions for developing the quality of learning using some of the Teaching & Learning tools within the UniServity learning platform.


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Teachers or Students add items to a folder.


Students and teachers add items to a folder which has been made available for a specific purpose, learning experience or eventStudents and teachers both access these resources for specific reasons.


Students and teachers both add items to a folder which is being used to support a specific learning activity for a specific point in time. Students and teachers both access these resources for specific learning purposes.


Students and teachers both add specific items to a folder which supports a particular learning activity, experience or journey. Students and teachers both access the most appropriate resources to enable them to learn, identifying which of these resources supports the specific learning experience taking place.


Students and teachers add and access specific items within a range of folders which reflects the range of learning activities, experiences and journeys which each individual is engaged within. Students and teachers both choose and use the most appropriate and relevant resources to their needs at a particular point in time.


Students and teachers add to, and access, a range of resources within a range of folders across multiple places which have been built up by multiple individuals. This activity is carried out in order to chose and use the most appropriate supporting resources at any point of a learning experience - before, during or after, and for the resources accessed to be easily found through familiarity with that which is available, and easily evaluated in order to gain greatest benefit


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