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KS2: Maths: Ma3: Shape, Space & Measure: 1 - Using & Applying Shape, Space & Measure

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Using and applying shape, space and measures

1. Pupils should be taught to:

Problem solving

  1. recognise the need for standard units of measurement
  2. select and use appropriate calculation skills to solve geometrical problems
  3. approach spatial problems flexibly, including trying alternative approaches to overcome difficulties
  4. use checking procedures to confirm that their results of geometrical problems are reasonable


  1. organise work and record or represent it in a variety of ways when presenting solutions to geometrical problems
  2. use geometrical notation and symbols correctly
  3. present and interpret solutions to problems


  1. use mathematical reasoning to explain features of shape and space.

Note for 1c: ICT opportunity: Pupils could use software to create repeating patterns, such as tessellations.

Note for 1e, 1g: Cross reference to English

En1 Speaking and listening: Speaking

1. To speak with confidence in a range of contexts, adapting their speech for a range of purposes and audiences, pupils should be taught to:

a. use vocabulary and syntax that enables them to communicate more complex meanings
c. choose material that is relevant to the topic and to the listeners

En3 Writing: Composition

1. Pupils should be taught to:

a. choose form and content to suit a particular purpose [for example, notes to read or organise thinking, plans for action, poetry for pleasure]
e. use features of layout, presentation and organisation effectively


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