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KS3 Art & Design : Key Processes

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2 Key processes

These are the essential skills and processes in art, craft and design that pupils need to learn to make progress.

2.1 Explore and create

Pupils should be able to:

  1. develop ideas and intentions by working from first-hand observation, experience, inspiration, imagination and other sources            

  2. investigate how to express and realise ideas using formal elements and the qualities of a range of media

  3. make purposeful images and artefacts, selecting from a range of materials, techniques and processes

  4. draw to express perception and invention, to communicate feelings, experiences and ideas, and for pleasure 

  5. explore and develop ideas using sketchbooks, journals and other appropriate strategies.

2.2 Understand and evaluate

Pupils should be able to:

  1. use research and investigative skills appropriate to art, craft and design    

  2. appreciate how codes and conventions are used to convey ideas and meanings in and between different cultures and contexts              

  3. reflect on and evaluate their own and others’ work, adapting and refining their own images and artefacts at all stages of the creative process                 

  4. analyse, select and question critically, making reasoned choices when developing personal work        

  5. develop ideas and intentions when creating images and artefacts

  6. organise and present their own material and information in appropriate forms.


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