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KS3 RE : Range and Content

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3. Range and content

This section outlines the breadth of the subject on which teachers should draw when teaching the key concepts and key processes.
The study of RE should include:
  • Christianity
  • at least two other principal religions
  • a religious community of local significance, where appropriate
  • a secular world view, where appropriate.

All of the above can be taught through the following themes:

  • beliefs and concepts: the key ideas and questions of meaning in religions and beliefs, including issues related to God, truth, the world, human life, and life after death
  • authority: different sources of authority and how they inform believers’ lives
  • religion and science: issues of truth, explanation, meaning and purpose
  • expressing spirituality: how and why understanding of the self and human experiences is expressed in a variety of forms
  • ethics and relationships: questions and influences that inform ethical and moral choices, including forgiveness and issues of good and evil
  • rights and responsibilities: what religions and beliefs say about human rights and responsibilities, social justice and citizenship
  • global issues – what religions and beliefs say about health, wealth, war, animal rights and the environment
  • interfaith dialogue – a study of relationships, conflicts and collaboration within and between religions and beliefs.

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