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Macmillan Coffee Morning
30th September
Please come and join us.
School Dinners cost £2.20 per day.
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Welcome to Southwold Primary School
Thank you for taking the time to visit our school website. Southwold Primary is a small, but growing school with pupils from 4 -11. We are at present in a Federation with Barnby & North Cove Primary School, another small school near Beccles. We share the same Head Teacher and we work very closely together so that pupils and staff at both schools reap the benefits of collaborative working.
Aims and Values
We are a friendly and welcoming school, with a family atmosphere, strong community links and long standing traditions, which we strive to continue and develop.
We respect and show mutual care and consideration for all members of the school community, (staff pupils, parents, governors and visitors) . We value co-operation as the best way to achieve our goals.
We aim to encourage children to work to the best of their ability, to reach the highest standards in all that they do.We work together to build self-esteem, to make the most of everyone's talents and to value each others' opinions.We believe in opportunties for all.
We aim to provide a stimulating and interesting learning environment, both within the school and outdoors. We aim to foster an appreciation for our natural environment and the world around us.
We work together to achieve a wide curriculum, which stimulates a love of learning, experience and discovery and which provides skills for the future.
Headteacher : Mrs R Nixon
Southwold Primary School
Cumberland Road
Suffolk IP18 6JP
Telphone: 01502 723137


Pupil Premium is additional funding from the government to help narrow the achievement gap in vulnerable groups of children.

These groups are based on:-

·          The number of children who are looked after.

·          The number of children receiving free school meals or who have received free school meals during the last 6 years.

·          The number of children from service families.


Every school is free to decide how best to direct this funding to meet the

needs of individual pupils. It is important to note, that overall the percentage

of these pupils in our school is lower than national.

17% of our pupils were entitled to free school meals during the academic year 2013-2014 and this generated a sum of £9,707 from the government. This money has been used by the school in a variety of ways to provide the support which we feel will most benefit individual children or groups of children.

The money was used in the following ways:

·         Targeted support  to provide interventions in maths and literacy

·         Buying in extra teaching staff to provide specific support for individuals struggling with writing

·         Providing counselling for children

·         Teacher and Teaching assistant training

·         Subsidising school trips

·         Paying for the hire of musical instruments and the cost of music lessons


The impact of providing this extra support has been that pupils have been able to maintain good attendance at school and to make good progress across the curriculum. The progress of these children is carefully tracked and staff regularly review how this money will be spent to the best advantage of the individual pupils.


Now that all children in Key Stage One and Reception are entitled to free school meals, it is very important that those families on a low income apply for free school meals, through the school meals service, so that the school can continue to receive the pupil premium funding from the government. Please speak to Mrs Lambert at the school office if you feel that you may be entitled.




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