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Our latest and rather fabulous OFSTED INSPECTION REPORT FOR JUNE 2013   can be found under 'documents' section on the left. 
PUPIL PREMIUM(funding for disadvantaged children) - information on how this funding is spent can be found in the 'Parent' section on the left
PE & SCHOOL SPORTS FUNDING  - information on how this funding is spent can be found in the 'Parent' section on the left
2013-14 SCHOOL PROSPECTUS & TERM DATES - can be found in the 'Documents' section on the left
PARENT HELPERS -99 check application forms can be downloaded from the 'documents' section on the top left hand of the menu bar, to be completed and returned to the school office along with your Passport or Driving Licence at least one week before the activity
SCHOOL DINNER MENU - can now be accessed via the 'documents' icon on the left hand (top) menu bar
PARENT VIEW (OFSTED)  - please give your view on your child's school to OFSTED by clicking on the Parent View link in External Links.  It is a brief on-line questionnaire and only takes 5 minutes.
  Welcome Back to the Autumn Term

 *We are determined to create a school in which:

 our children and staff are happy and feel secure

 *we build people’s confidence and self-esteem so they are

prepared to take risks with their learning;

* we understand that mistakes are an essential part of the 

learning process children of all abilities are welcome

and challenged to achieve their personal best

 *we broaden children’s horizons by providing a rich curriculum

 which extends beyond basic skills and prepares them 

for the challenges of the 21st century young children can 

learn in a stimulating, inspiring and uplifting environment

 children and adults are encouraged to become caring,

 helpful and responsible citizens who respect the feelings,

 wishes and values of others

 *we celebrate diversity amongst people and work hard 

to combat stereotypes, prejudice and bullying

 *we are committed to the continuing development of all staff

 *we value contributions of everyone within the school community

and particularly build a mutual partnership with parents

 *we forge links with the wider community and welcome

visitors from outside the school

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