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05.02.2016 - 2016/17 School Calendar
The 2016/17 School Calendar has now been agreed and as stated on our Facebook page, we are now posting it on our website for reference.

20.05.2016 - School Newsletter
Our latest School Newsletter can be accessed via this link.
To see the archive of all previous newsletters organised by School Term, please click here.  
22.01.2016 - Our Values
We recently wrote to all parents about the introduction of a Promoting British Values system within the school. Further information regarding this and what it means for everyday school life can be found under the 'Our Values' menu at the top of this page or here.
School Calendar for 2015/16

  Please find the School calendar below.

Mrs Clarke
'Julia Donaldson'
Mrs Baxter
Year 1-2 
'Emily Gravett'
Mr Campbell
Year 2 
'Michael Bond'
Mrs Hewitt
'Terry Deary'
Miss Ware
Year 4
'R.L. Stevenson'
Mrs McGilton
Year 5
Mr Smith
Year 6
Miss Milner




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