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How can I see what version of Java I am using?

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How do I install Java?

Where can I get further help with Java?

I am getting a Java error message, what does it mean?

When I used drag and drop a grey box appears where the image should be.

The grey boxes occur when an error in the loading or execution of an applet has occurred, causing an applet crash. In Java, the technical term for these errors is an Exception. You can locate this in your Java console. The causes for applet exceptions are numerous, but some of the most common are:

Failure to locate or load a Java class

Each Java class must be fetched individually, and if a network fault occurs during the loading of any of these classes, it will result in an exception. These exceptions occur before the applet even fully loads, and so can be difficult to guard against.


The easiest way though to avoid these errors is to package your applet into a .ZIP, .JAR, or .CAB archive.  CAB is specific to Internet Explorer

Networking Errors ISA

Sometimes applets can not establish network connections. Other times, the user is behind a firewall. This tends to throw up proxy server error messages.


If you wish to use the drag and drop tool on an ISA server connection, it is best to add the client to the ISA server.  For instructions on how you can do this, click the link below and the section called Configuring Direct Access for Firewall Clients will help guide you through the process.